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44 Long Drive, St Heliers, Auckand

Phone: 09 575 3214

A Natural Wellness Clinic to support your Mind, Body and Spirit

Intuitive Guidance and Healing / Intuitive Crystal and Card Readings

with Brooke Fenwick

To promote health and healing of the four bodies, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, clairvoyance, clairsentience and energy healing are some of the ways of receiving the information and guidance. These skills help facilitate the process of clearing stuck and stagnent energy, emotions and belief systems. These sessions are helpful to anyone having relationship issue's, career transitions and general lack of clarity.

Making shifts energetically by removing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual clutter helps to bring clarity, peace of mind and positivity in ones life.

Intuitive readings using the amazing energy of crystals and the storytelling and symbolic abilities of oracle cards.

90 Minute Intuitive Guidance & Healing session: $80

60 Minute Intuitive Crystal & Card Reading: $60