Tips on how to Meditate: click here

Meditations are always in development and being recorded, please check in regularly for the latest post!

Free Mediation below:

Meditation - Healing

In this relaxing guided meditation, it takes you on a journey to a sacred healing space set in nature, where the divine healing energy may heal any aspect you set your intention towards, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Click Here

Meditation - Meeting Your Spirit Guide

In this guided meditation, firstly to relax you so you feel calm and safe, you are then walked through a beautiful garden and to a bridge where upon crossing, you are encouraged to open your senses, feeing unconditional love and connecting with Divine energy, and then to cross over and meet your Guide. Click Here

Meditation - Connecting with the Universal Mind

This guided meditation is designed to relax you, allowing your awareness to expand, connecting you with the Universal Divine Mind and Mother Earth. Click Here

Meditation - Relaxing Sleep

This is a guided meditation is to help you fall into a relaxing peaceful sleep. It initially focuses on your breathe, leading you through the steps of relaxation, while listen to the tune from Chris Collins called Deep Sleep. Click Here