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44 Long Drive, St Heliers, Auckand

Phone: 09 575 3214

A Natural Wellness Clinic to support your Mind, Body and Spirit

Esoteric Chakra Puncture

Chakra-puncture is a health-care modality that is complementary to medicine in which fine needles are applied very lightly in specific patterns. It serves the purpose of restoring balance to the body (energetic and physical). It is a modern day technique that has its roots in an ancient lineage of Esoteric Wisdom. Chakra-puncture is a modality based on the Science of the Nadis (the science of our living energetic cells). Esoteric Chakra-puncture can benefit the following ailments:

• Body aches and tension

• Anxiety

• Nervous tension

• Sleep disorders

• Stress

• Low energy

• Undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy

• Recovering from an operation, accident or other trauma

• Disharmony – restores harmonious balance and order to the energetic state of being and thus supports the body to return to its natural and true vitality. Initial consultations for all therapies are about an hour and a quarter as there is some paper work to complete. Further sessions are 55 minutes. Each session involves manual therapy and dialogue between the practitioner and client which helps clarify the issue and its underlying physical, emotional and daily lived factors. It is most supportive to have a programme of five sessions initially (especially if an injury is present), with follow-up sessions when you feel to.

Esoteric Healing therapies are to be used as support alongside other treatments.


Call Anne on: 022 1399810 or (09) 5215567